Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Year - Learning and Leading

With the flipping of the calendar and the conversations of resolutions, it makes me ponder about my own desire to challenge myself academically this year.

As I was scrolling through the Facebook posts this morning I came across one that was inspiring for a Monday morning.  It read, "A wonderful vacation break.  Enjoyed family and friends... Back to work tomorrow and working with some of the most talented teachers and dear friends.  Can't wait!"

What a positive outlook to the end of a two week hiatus from the grind.  Where most people talk, and post, about dreading about the return to the office, this one individual found the silver lining, the half-full, the good instead of the bad.  They challenged themselves to make the most of not only the time away but also what was lying ahead as the returned to the office.

You may be thinking that this person has the greatest job on earth, and to them, they might.  You could be reading this somewhat cynical in nature and claiming that your job is not so glamorous and you are not as fortunate to have the same attitudes toward work.  I get that.  But this post came from a teacher.  An individual that gives of their time and energy to our youth.  This person chose their profession, as did you, and has decided to commit themselves to making our future better. 

The point of sharing this post is not to question your path but rather to provoke some thought in how you view your Monday and your return after a break away from the office.  Are you where you are because of decisions you have made or was your path predetermined?  What can you do to improve your outlook on what you do each day when you leave the house?

I truly enjoy my profession.  I too, like the author of the Facebook post, chose my professional path.  I consider myself fortunate to have the relationships that I do with my colleagues.  However my post was different this morning.  By no means negative but at the same time not nearly as positive. 

So there in lies my own challenge.  To find the hop in my step, the half-full and the silver-lining.  Heading into twenty years in this profession I am truly blessed to be where I am today.  I am a leader, a learner and committed to excellence.  I am excited for the new year and all that it brings!

Now that is worth posting.

Happy New Year!