Thursday, January 3, 2019

Explore. My #OneWord for 2019

For many of us, we have been selecting our #OneWord for as long as we can remember. For others, it may have been recently introduced. In sharing with colleagues and in hearing Jon Gordon speak a few year ago, the book One Word that will Change Your Life was introduced to me. It brought me the clarity I needed in my work, and within my home. The years pass and I continue the process. Doing so creates focus, adds an understanding of my personal and professional roles and brings purpose.

Now, it is time to choose a word, or rather as Jon Gordon writes and shares, a word that will choose me, that will guide me through 2019.

This past year brought change in my career. New faces, new spaces and a new challenge were presented. The first semester has been intense, supportive and full of growth. Push, pull and struggling along the way were common. Newly formed friendships, kindness and love stood side by my side. Each day gave way to a new opportunity to learn, to grow, to share.

Life at home is changing, too: kids getting older, chapters turning, decisions about next steps on the horizon. The number around the dinner table changes next fall with tassels turning in May. For years, we knew this day would come. Coming too quickly if you ask me. We will go from six to four. Just like that.

What next, then? What does the future hold? I'm scared and excited; it runs through my mind, my body and my soul every day. Change is good for me, for our children, for our growth. Time to see what awaits.

It is time to EXPLORE.

  • With the support of colleagues, I will EXPLORE what I can do each day in where I work. My future.
  • With the support of family, I will EXPLORE what is on the path ahead for my children. Their future.
  • With the support of friends, I will EXPLORE in the coming days and months, and grow in our relationships with each other. Our future.
  • With the support of my faith, I will EXPLORE and be steady in the face of storms. As heartache will inevitably be upon us, we will be there for each other. Our loved ones.
I am ready to take on this new year and the challenges, the opportunities and the experiences that await. Moving forward, my mindset will be one in which I explore what is around each corner and down each path. Here is to an amazing 2019 full of exploration!