About Me

A passionate educator who believes we are all learning all the time.  Connecting throughout various mediums is essential to our own growth!

In education for the past 24 years, my own understanding of being a learner and leader continues to evolve.

As a teacher for the first 7 years, I owe much of my success to my colleagues in the trenches. To this day the group of teachers I worked with remains in contact through district meetings and the exchanging of holiday cards and school functions.  Great people!

The past 12 years have moved faster than one can imagine. As an Elementary Principal for 7 years I was afforded the opportunity to work with Kindergarten through 5th Grade. This experience gave me an appreciation for the youngest of learners. To see growth throughout these years left a lasting impression.  Currently in my 10th year as the Principal of Hilliard Weaver Middle School I have been able to apply those lessons learned from my early administrative days and see them through the eyes of our youth, our young adults.  Working with the middle level has connected so many dots in the learning process of not only children, but also working with teachers, parents and the community.

Being a father to four wonderful children, and married to @mvroom, has kept me moving every minute of every day.  Our family cherishes the times we get to tell stories of our experiences of our days, travel to unimaginable places and embrace the time to grow as a family.