Friday, April 10, 2015

Cover to Cover

As part of the blogging group, the #compelledtribe, we are sharing with our readers something new we attempted in our work this year to better ourselves as educators. I would encourage you to reflect on your year and do the same. We often times overlook the obvious so you may be surprised at all that you accomplished. 

Picking up that book and reading it from cover to cover earlier this year gave me a feeling of academic accomplishment that was unique to other work I had done in the past. As I reflected on my journey of being a student, this was a first. Papers had always been easy to write, notes simple to take, lessons came with ease. This, however, was new.

We are each life-long learners. Whether through undergraduate work or our masters degrees, or the professional development we receive with our jobs, the journey of learning continues for all educators. For me, each year has been full of continued growth and expanding my knowledge base to be a more effective teacher and leader. Like you, from conversations to conferences I have always invested time in deepening my understanding of teaching and learning.

Reading books from cover to cover however, was one particular style of learning that I can honestly say I had never actually enjoyed. Until now.

This year, like no other time in my life, I became a reader. A cover to cover type of reader. From beginning-to-end kind of reader. Not a "skimmer" or a "page flipper" but a highlighting, post-it note, marking up pages type of reader. And with this step, I realized that I was on a path toward self-improvement. This is where my growth as a leader officially rocketed me forward. My ability to lead more effectively, strengthen relationships with colleagues and make connections in instruction more purposefully would become just one way to measure the time spent in reading various books throughout the months to come. Proudly so, I was impressed with what I had started, and finished.

Here are just some of the books I have read (or finally read cover to cover) this year:

The list will grow and so shall I. I don't regret waiting so long in my adult life to become a reader of books from cover to cover. Rather I am grateful to have found this passion for reading when I needed it most.