Wednesday, July 15, 2020

One A Day. Day 3

Restless, anxious, worried. We are at a time in our world in which there are more days waking up with these emotions than any other. What will school look like? Will students return in just a few short weeks? Will teachers feel safe and supported?

Recently, teachers were referred to as "essential employees" during this pandemic. And, while teachers are always essential in the education of our youth, is it accurate that they qualify for this distinction in such a time of unknown?

Police, fire, medical. That speaks to me as an essential employee. Keeping the food chain supply running. Again, essential. What we have defined as "essential" is different in the eyes of many. (That is an argument for another day.)

Yet, during this pandemic and with schools set to re-open in just a few weeks, teachers are now being placed in this category. Essential.

Mental health, social well being, academic growth and providing up to two meals a day to many of our students are all important aspects of being in the field of education.

Proudly and eagerly and if given the opportunity, and valuing the career path I chose over 25 years ago, I am committed to being, and most certainly believe, educators are essential today, tomorrow and the weeks and years to come.

Will I still be restless, you bet. Will we have all the answers to all the unknowns, doubtful. Will there be days of anxiousness, yes there will. However, will I step up and do what I am asked? 100%.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

One A Day, Day 2

Day 2.

Today is another day to learn, grow, lead and listen. Impacting others and taking in knowledge from those that can share their expertise.

I've never thought of my self as an expert in much of anything. If anything. There are a lot of things I think I am good at but nothing I could say I am an expert at.

I think of those that have refined their craft. Athletes, musicians, artists and entertainers. There are definitely educational leaders that I would consider experts in their field. Those that I turn to when we seek guidance and direction and we lean on their knowledge. Rick Wormeli for starters.

In education, I continue to learn in the hopes that over time my ability and desire to constantly get better at what I do can be the difference for someone else. Focusing on being knowledgable in many areas of this field in which I have give of myself hopefully helps others. And in return, helps me.

Are you an expert in something? What is it and how do you define that? I would love to hear your definition and how it applies to your work, your life and your world.

Monday, July 13, 2020

One A Day.

You have to start somewhere. Somehow, some way.

Been gone from this for far too long. Some of my best learning came from writing. Rather, it came from reading. Or was it reflecting? Or was it all 3?

Great educators, great friends, great people entered my world in education (and beyond) through the platform of writing and reading and reflecting. Blogging.

I am not the most prolific writer. My days may not be nearly as exciting as your days. You are probably more well read. You probably write more, share more and therefore learn more. But I am not going to allow that fear of failure stop me from taking another run at this.

I have the time. I have the desire. And, like you, simply want to ready for tomorrow. Whatever that may look like.

So, going to start with a blank page. Not going to overthink it. I am going to just write.

And maybe, very possibly, I will learn more today than I knew yesterday.

I am challenging myself to write One A Day, starting today.