Sunday, October 5, 2014

Far from Routine

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Each day I find myself following a rather familiar routine. Picture your day. My guess it is, well, predictable. Their are the "givens". Rise and shine, make your way into the office, clear some emails and away you go. We know that each day there will be tasks that need to be completed. Again, it has to be done.

What I enjoy most about my days though are the moments between the moments. The parts of the day that are not a part of the routine. This is when the real “work” happens. These are the moments that we find ourselves passionate about interacting with students, supporting our teachers and finding ways to connect with our school community.  These moments are the ones that got us into the business of education and these are the moments that keep each day from being redundant. This is far from routine.

As you head off to your school, your office and your classroom tomorrow focus on the moments between the routine. Look for that opportunity to get away from the predictability of it all. Take the opportunity to find the moments that will be the first one of the day or the week. Be anything but routine.


Our lives are anything predictable.  Each day has an opportunity to be something greater than the day before. Make the most of it. You will be glad you did.