Thursday, April 2, 2015

On Empty? Fuel Up.

Recently, my tank has been running low. My topics are few and far between. I am struggling with practicing what I preach. Routine has taken over.

Until now.

Pulling my staff together the other day, I shared with them my take on where we are as educators at this time of the year. With one quarter to go, this is crunch time. Testing, grades, content that needs to be covered and expectations continue to grow. We all know that there is much to be done before the end of the year.

Working through that list of work to do, we know that we still have the same number of minutes in an hour and the same number of hours in the day. The days seem to be getting shorter, not longer, as the calendar suggests. Time, as always, is working against us.

Regardless of the obstacle of time, we move forward. And, during this time together, I reflected on where we had begun months ago. I felt the need to remind them of this journey. We had introduced Teach Like a Pirate by Dave and Shelly Burgess. We have had some inspiring and uplifting conversations about passions. That led to sharing Rules of the Red Rubber Ball by Kevin Carrol. To start the year we talked about our goals, our dreams and our ambitions for the year ahead. Our conversation then, and my sharing with them on this day, were becoming one in the same.

And then, it clicked.

I quickly realized that the fuel that was needed was as simple as the conversations that had just occurred. What I needed most was the people that I get to work with each day. It was my colleagues that would provide me the charge. They were the fuel. Being a part of the conversation I learned this:

Don't overlook the obvious.
Recognize the little things.
Celebrations should happen daily.
Greatness happens constantly.
Inspiration is discovered.
Create your own story.
Dance at every opportunity.
Lean on others when you need them. Let them lean on you.
Listen to each other.
Be brave.
Take risks.

I am fueled up for the remaining weeks of this year and beyond. I am eager to see what is yet to be done. I am inspired, and the tank is full. May your final quarter of your year be as rewarding as the first. Finish strong for your student's and each other and most importantly, for yourself.


  1. Thanks Craig! I always feel drained at this time of the year. Thank you for the reminder of how to fill up my tank!!


  2. Craig,
    Thanks for sharing this aha moment! It's so true, celebrate everyday and Lean on others. I enjoyed reading your post and look forward to more.

  3. We often think we're too busy to have these conversations but it's the time spent with colleagues and friends having those exact conversations that usually give us the fuel to keep going. There is still time and there is plenty to accomplish!

  4. OK Boss - thanks for the enlightenment; and don't be surprised if one day this week you walk by my classroom to see/hear the students and I jamming and dancing as you recommended "Dance at every opportunity!" :)

  5. Thanks for the reminder of what we need much more than books...ipads....pencils....laptops.... We need each other!