Sunday, January 31, 2016

Unspoken Moments

As educators, we support each other and our students at all times in all sorts of ways. That is what we do. It is what drives us, it is our motivation and our charge.

Each year we are given teaching tools, resources and even support of our professional colleagues to ensure that we have the best of the best in front of our learners each day. Our toolboxes are full.

Each day our students enter the building and anticipate what will be taught. Teachers step through their doors and know that there are lessons and knowledge to be gained. Administrators do their part in the process and work to ensure that their are the tools that teachers need and students want in front of them each day.

Each moment we are a team. We are a collective unit. We are better together.

And often times, it is the unspoken moments that give us some of the greatest returns on the work that we do. Whether a nod of acknowledgement, a grin of gratitude or a gesture of thanks, it is these very moments that make our days as purposeful and productive as they are. Our days are consumed with simple yet powerful exchanges that often go unnoticed and not even recognized.

With that in mind and as you go through your week ahead, think of the unspoken moments that help drive your instruction and how that impacts both student learning and teacher instruction. Consider how the unintentional becomes the intentional. And how the unspoken moments become the powerful force behind the great things that happen each and every day. Embrace each day.

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