Sunday, February 7, 2016

Collective Journey

Collectively we are better. I have yet to work in a school where success happens in a silo. A community of learners is undeniably one of the strongest forces known in education. And with that, it is the ride that motivates me most of all.

Teachers are impactful in ways that we can not always measure. There is no test, or assessment, or survey that can capture all of the greatness that occurs within their walls each day. Often times it is the simple take-aways, the confidence and the desire to come back day in and day out that is the best measurement of a students, and a teachers, journey and their passion for what they do.

Today is one day on the road to success. Each day adds to that. Mile by mile our journey becomes more identifiable and more attainable. There is a journey that I am on that inspires me and intrigues me and motivates me to be present for my teachers and my community. I am embracing the ride.

I am intrigued by the opportunities. And remember, the road to success is a collective journey.