Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Get Your Mind Right

Over the course of this school year the district in which I serve (Hilliard City Schools) has been very intentional with our conversations about building our culture. Whether it be the whole system, at the building level or all the way down to classroom implementation, we are defining who we are and where we are headed. We have committed to each other that it is our culture that will drive us. And, it is the culture that will support the teaching and learning of all stakeholders along the way.

Growth Mindset is a staple on the landscape of what we do. The power of "YET" has taken over the obstacles we are faced with. Not only do we expect our students to grow, we must embrace the need to do so ourselves as the teachers and administrators in our schools. We must remain committed to growing as learners.

A part of understanding growth mindset is to understand the concept of getting your mind right. To have your mind where it needs to be in teaching and learning we have to understand and agree that the mind controls what we do and how we respond to various situations. If we want and need a specific outcome (therefore we need an above the line response) then it starts with where your mind is. So, as you head into your responsibilities each day, do you have your mind right?

Your mindset is:

As you think about the decisions that you make and the actions and interactions you have with your colleagues and others in your building, challenge yourself to think about your mindset. Ask yourself the tough questions. Questions like:
  • Am I receptive to change? Do I embrace it?
  • Do I have what is needed to be successful in my role? Am I prepared?
  • Have I taken the time to train myself and not relied on being trained? Do I own my professional learning?
  • Are my lessons and my delivery well planned? Am I invested in my teaching?
  • Is best practice at the forefront of my work? Do I implement strategies for success?
  • Do I do what is best for kids, and adults? Always?
If you have answered "yes" to the questions above, you are well on your way to ensuring that you are getting your mind right. You are best for your students and all of those that you serve.