Saturday, May 21, 2016

Home Stretch

You have made a difference. 

You have worked hard.

Celebrate the work achieved by your students and what you have accomplished yourself. 

You are better for pushing yourself. You have learned so much.

I am inspired by your dedication to your teaching. I am moved by your willingness to try new things. You have faced obstacles and overcome failure. Your students are better for your efforts.

I am humbled by your graciousness. I am in awe of your passion to give unconditionally.

The school year ends. Lessons are wrapping up. The learning within your walls will cease.

Know that you have instilled within your students a desire to be better. To be thinkers. To be reflective. To take action.

We have learned so much. We have cared and we have listened. Now it is time to send them on their way. They will face new opportunities, new challenges, new growth.

We are better off for having the encounter that we have had this year.

You have made a difference.

You are on the home stretch.


  1. Beautifully said. Thanks for always inspiring!

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