Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ready for Tomorrow, Today.

The last day of July is upon us.  Summer vacations have come to an end and the thought of returning to school is all consuming.  The work is about to begin.

The reality though is that the work never stopped.  Summer is about rejuvenating, invigorating and inspiring the mind for the years worth of work ahead.  The texts have been read, the articles reviewed and the conversations ongoing.

The question is, "Will we be Ready for Tomorrow, Today?"  For the students and staff that will return on August 20th to my building I would say, resoundingly, "YES"!  The foundation for our success was set into motions days, weeks, months and years ago.  We continue to evolve in what we do, how we offer our learning experience and the expectations of our students.  We are Ready for Tomorrow, always, due to the time we invest when kids are away at times like this.

As you wrap up your summer vacation think about the school year ahead for not only your child, but also yourself.  Be prepared to be challenged, inspired and rewarded for your dedication to your learning and that of you student.

You are Ready for Learning, Today!

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