Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ed Leaders - More than ever, now is the time.

Now, more than ever I continue to be amazed by the talents of the people in the educational field.  Technology, and the informational age, broadens my appreciation of what people are capable of in this amazing landscape of growing the minds of today's youth within our K-12 system.

Recently I was able to sit in on interview's of three perspective candidates for Superintendent for a rather large school district in central Ohio.  Each one brought their own perspective on education, and leadership, and that was to be expected.  What was most interesting though was the thread that bound them together.  One would argue that this is common sense, and cliche says that it would have been "the kids", however it was the fact that they all spoke about preparing our kids for a "future that doesn't exit".  With that being shared, each candidate moved right into technology, and all its possibilities.  Impressive.

That is the reality of where we are in today's academic landscape.  Just like the candidates stated today, we have to educate our school communities on the significance of technology in our classrooms and in our learning.  Technology means many things, and for that, the work has just begun.

My experience is currently at the secondary level where the field is ripe for technology within the bells.  My school has adopted a BYOD culture and teachers are slowly, but surely, coming to an understanding and appreciation of what is capable when we dive into the BYOD opportunities.  We discuss the barriers, find creative solutions and continue to push forward in our thirst for giving kids an authentic experience with technology.  We do this in the hopes that this assists them in their learning and that it will open the doors to a profession, a skill, that may yet to exist.

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