Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Constant Growth

It is difficult to fathom not challenging myself during these past couple of months away from the routines of the school day to grow professionally. Reading, following twitter chats, conferences and of course, blogging, have all been a part of the routine.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Most likely, yes! Why? Because you have taken the time to stumble upon my ramblings of this blog. Well, more than just that. In fact it is through your commitment to reading, tweeting, blogging, courses and conferences that you are growing. You are more capable of being better today then you were yesterday. You yearn to being a better educator, student and/or person. That is commendable and should not be overlooked.

Most of "us" just take this learning for granted. We do it and therefore assume so has everyone else. Is that the case? Doubtful. You have challenged yourself, even subconsciously, to grow in your knowledge of being a better teacher, leader, student or person for the unforeseeable future. You have taken a pivotal step in being better.

Here is my struggle and my concern. What to do with those that have not challenged themselves professionally during this time of year and therefore missed out on opportunities for professional growth. Are they going to be left in our dust?

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We have read the books, we have heard the keynotes. Growing ourselves professionally is a necessity to our survival. For nine months out of the year our school districts provide it for us. We are given time, release days, and often money to attend workshops and have collaboration time.

Therefore I ask this: If it is so important for our districts to create professional development budgets, line items in our finances, why would we not continue that learning during the time we are not in daily contact with our teachers, leaders, students or communities?

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With the summer days ticking away I challenge you to reach out to a colleague and check in on their summer of growth. Talk about everything and anything. Connect and open the conversation about how much success we have had in our roles and how we are going to have just as much in the year ahead. Let's not wait until the district spends the dime and we "have to". Instead, let's avoid getting left in the dust and take the lead in our learning.


  1. Craig, what a great post that has now challenged me to do better. I had a similar reflection recently when I realized there was virtually (outside my PLN) no dialogue about admin professional growth among the group I was with one day. What did not occur to me then but does now is I have a responsibility to help kickstart that dialogue. Challenge accepted.

  2. This is a good post about reaching out to those that we are in personal, daily contact with and open up discussion about professional growth. Sometimes reaching out to those on social media is "easier" because the people who WANT to grow professional are there. Great challenge to lift up those around us and find out what they've been doing and share our own growth.

  3. Agreed with so much in this post. I approach with the attitude that at the end of the day, I'm responsible for my actions and reactions. Therefore, I ask a lot of myself. I see this job as an awesome responsibility. Reaching out to others to walk with me is one of my goals this year.