Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The #CompelledTribe - We Have Spoken

(courtesy blogher.com)
The #CompelledTribe is speaking and we hope you are listening! A few months ago, myself, along with Jennifer Hogan, threw out a challenge to those on Twitter looking for bloggers who wanted to commit themselves to writing, commenting and sharing the work they were doing. The request was simple in nature and the participants knew it would take quite a bit of work and of course, effort.

As we near our first official posting date of August 1st, I can proudly say that the tribes are already speaking. And loudly! Our first theme is discussing the work that goes into returning to school. It might be discussing summer professional development, setting goals for the school year ahead or simply searching for the inspiration that will drive each member as they get ready to head back.

As you have time, take time to check out the members of the #CompelledTribe. You won't regret it. And, more so, we each hope our efforts might push you just a little bit when it comes to how you use reflection in your instruction and your leadership. In the end, that is the reason we are taking on this challenge. We, like you, want to improve on our work in every aspect.

Check out the tribe members, and their efforts, that are either Fueled By Vroom or Fueled By Hogan that are located on the front page of our blog pages and many of our tribe members. As you read, feel free to comment, and tweet, when you find something you like! 

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  1. Blessed to be fueled by all of you -- excited for this challenge and ready to learn more.