Monday, September 15, 2014

Join The Chat

We all have something good to say.  Even when we feel we have nothing, something is bound to come out once the conversation starts. It happens every time.

Often, we over think what we are going to say, or write. Depending on the audience we create invisible filters that only the writer, or thinker, can imagine. As members of society we have been programmed to think before we speak.

I encourage that we follow that advice and would never want to udder words that could be hurtful or discouraging. In the same breathe, however, have we programmed ourselves to be silent because that is what we have been reminded over time? In the classroom, in the office and in interactions with others we spend so much time being mindful of what to say we rarely say anything at all.

The point of all of this? Say anything. If you observe a chat taking place, add to it. Scroll along for starters. "Lurk" as we call it on twitter. But in the end, join in. Say something. Add to the conversation. Grow from it. 

If you weren't interested, intrigued or inspired to improve the person you are, you wouldn't have tagged along to begin with.

Start sharing. You will be better for it. A better professional, a better person.

1 comment:

  1. I agree -- all voices are a valuable asset to the conversation. Not hearing one creates an impact - a missed opportunity. Excellent post. #compelledtribe