Sunday, September 21, 2014

Taking Care of the Climate

Now that we have settled into the routines of the school year, it is too easy at times to forget about the little things in an educators life. The little things that we know, aren't so little. We don't do it intentionally. Of course not. The reality is that we get so focused on the next lesson, activity and task that we forget to catch our breaths. It is our nature to barrel down and forge ahead, and for that, it is not a fault just a reality.

With that in mind, and with the school year already a month in, here are some quick suggestions to keep that spirit up as we head into the shortened days of autumn knowing that winter is barreling down before we know it. Many of these you most likely already do day in and day out and for that, your teachers are fortunate. Therefore, just treat it as a gentle reminder, a nudge of sorts, to not forget the simple stuff in the days and weeks ahead.

Offer to cover a class.
Share resources that you recently discovered.
Send an email after hearing about a lesson students enjoyed.
Leave a hand-written note of gratitude on the teachers desk.
Purchase a great read, work or pleasure, and drop it in their mailbox.
Foot the bill for something simple, out of the ordinary.
Buy a coffee, or a soda. A treat.
Give the gift of time.

Make the most of September. There is only one of them this school year. Be ready for October and what you can do to support the work of your teachers. Remember, our teachers are amazing at what they do. Our task as instructional leaders is to continue to support them in their role as they impact the lives and the minds of children day in and day out. We are fortunate to be at their side.


  1. Thanks for the reminders. Far too often I get caught up in everything else and we lose the momentum and energy associated with the beginning of the year. Far too often we pile more stuff on teachers' plates and we don't take the time to take some stuff off or at least provide a little dessert.

  2. As a teacher, I love your reminders . . . of course it's also important for teachers to reach out and support each other as well. All of these tools can be modified to bring sunshine to someone who may need it!

  3. Love these suggestions and reminders, Craig! These are all personal ways to say, "I value you!" We should never be so busy to let someone know that. Thanks for this!

  4. Simple is sill important. Thanks for the reminders Craig! Really, the busy time of year is the entire year, so this will be a good one to revisit often. The winter reminder is a bummer for those of us in snow country though! :-) I often describe my job as an administrator is simply to support teachers - in all we do, that's the first and primary goal!