Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Personalized PD - More Than Worth It

Yesterday I wrote about a risk. One that was calculated but yet still considered one.  You can check that post out here: Not Your Typical Professional Development Day.

Today, the results. 

I would start by stating the day began with eager nervousness. There were new rules, new presenters, new expectations. Once the first session was under way it smoothly transitioned into confident professionalism. As lunch arrived there was collegial laughter and smiles. The day ended with professional banter, exchanging of best practices and an entirely new appreciation for the capacity each posses in their ability to share what works best.  

We shared our stories, our passions and our motivations. We became the teachers. And, we became the learners.

Take a few moments and view some of the hundreds of tweets from today. And, if you are so moved, take this idea to your district leadership and see if this is something you can pull off where you work. Whether small scale, or large, don't create obstacles and don't find excuses. As you will see, you will be glad you did.

Be the change. 


  1. Craig,
    When I read through your post I realize how much was going on today. What an interesting day of learning.


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