Monday, November 17, 2014

My Little Picasso

The concentration. The intense look of effort shining through his eyes. The determination to create a work of art like no other. He gave all of his energy to this one task. In this moment in time nothing else mattered. There would be no distractions and no interruption that would take away from where his passion was taking him. The final product would be his most magnificent work ever. This would be his Mona Lisa.

To look into the eyes of an almost 5-year old you can see the innocence in which he worked through this masterpiece. For him, there is no greater joy on this day. The pride he took in this task, as simple as you and I may consider it, is unimaginable. If there were a way to gauge his sense of accomplishment it would be off the charts. He holds the paper with pride. He is Picasso, Michelangelo and da Vinci in this moment. And, if he is fortunate enough, this moment will be repeated hundreds of times over in the coming years. It will be his teachers that will assist me in guiding his passions.

As children transform from these early ages of discovery into the classroom of our schools, it is a teacher that is charged with and encouraged to sustain this same level of intensity with the learning they provide. For those that work in the elementary setting you have some of the most authentic experiences one could imagine. However, I would argue as a middle level educator, we get to reap the same reward as our primary counterparts. The path in which we take may be different but the results can be the same. Those that work in the high school setting might argue that the days of coloring are far behind while others may get the crayons out each day. Each of us can answer the question to ourselves of whether or not the crayons remain the cabinet. I would challenge you to get them out and to use them and look for those same moments regardless of the age you teach.

Therefore, as you go throughout your day, make sure that you discover the Picasso in each of the students you serve. There are dreamers, creators and inventors in each of them. Take the time to get the crayons out and color that frog like no frog has been colored before. The pride our students have within is a pride that we should foster and encourage each and every day. I can only hope that this five year old gets to draw frogs like this every step of the way.


  1. Yes, it's true. As students get to the high school level, some feel like it should be VERY serious for students, as if learning can't be fun. We need to find our own inner Picasso and look closely for our students', too!

    Love the superhero t-shirt, BTW! :-)

  2. I love a Picasso - I carry my crayons in my bag. One never knows when one might need them

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