Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pace Yourself - The Blogging Journey

(courtesy running.competitor.com)
I am a runner.

What I have learned about running, I have applied to my work. Watching those around me over the course of time I have been able to grow as a learner and a leader and yes, even a runner. What was once a rush to apply the knowledge (and start the run) I have learned that it is not how fast you go out of the gate, the blocks or hit the trail but rather how you finish and how you feel as you cross the line.

We have to pace ourselves.

The journey of the #compelledtribe has been one in which I applied these same principles. I began as a novice writer and to this day would still consider myself just that. As I write, I often write for myself. I jot down my thoughts about the path that I am on. It is about reflection. It is about the journey. My goal is simple. Be better tomorrow that you are today.

Jennifer Hogan, an extreme blogger (and runner) asked me last year if I had any interest on a joint blogging effort. "Who me?" I said. Hardly one to recognize my own abilities as a writer I was hesitant to say the least. I bought some time and went for a run. I would have to think this one through. Would I be able and willing to commit to a task such as this that would hold me accountable for contributing a post twice a month, if not more? Would I be willing to put myself out there to my peers both near and far? This would be one of the most, if not the most, transparent things I have done as an educator and a leader. I was reluctant.

Then, as I was running, my own feet became my answer. "Pace yourself".

If I would be able to do this, and be able to hold myself accountable to the expectations of not only the group but also of myself, then this could be a challenge that would have a reward not measured by dollars and cents. This could be a one-of-a-kind opportunity. This could be a "game-changer". And with that, the challenge was accepted. The #compelledtribe was founded.

Over this past year I can say that I have become better at what a I do in all aspects of my life due to the relatively simple decision to join a group of bloggers and write and therefore reflect. And what I write about is what is relevant to me, my family, my work, my colleagues and my ability to lead. And therefore I am better at each of those and then some.

As you read this you are the same as I. A blogger. Ask yourself a simple questions - "Why do I blog?" For many, the answer will seem apparent. However, I challenge you to truly reflect on why it is you take the time to put thoughts on to paper and then out to the world. I am sure you, like me, are better at what you do and who you are in large part because you take the time to go for a run. Find your path and reflect on your journey and always remember, pace yourself.

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