Friday, September 25, 2015

Right Before My Eyes, Room 202

As an avid writer and blogger having a desire to grow professionally through sharing of my ideas, observations and experiences, what I saw this morning right before my eyes in Room 202 was all encompassing of years of dedication and passion for teaching and learning.

Room 202 was alive in every sense of the word. When we talk the education lingo and toss around all of the buzz words of our profession, what I saw in this classroom was each and every one of those terms, concepts, best practices and components of education being applied. Flawlessly. And, it did not happen as an independent event. It took effort and focus. Hours and hours to say the least.

There was trial and error, there were mistakes and disappointment by the students and the teacher, there was growth from their efforts and there was frustration from the rigor. There was grit, there was collaboration, there was noise. The room was alive with learning.

Right before my eyes I was witness to everything I strive for with the students and the teachers I work alongside with. Room 202 (and most significantly the teacher within these walls that is dedicated to being the best vehicle of sharing of knowledge and their passion for instruction) has reaffirmed that the hours of planning and preparing, collaborating and connecting, being given the freedom and trust and respect to try new things (and to fail and try again) is worth every moment of every day. The investment in our teachers is being returned in countless ways. The evidence is in Room 202.

On this Friday I am grateful to be surrounded by passionate educators that have a mindset that is built around growing themselves as learners. And, equally as important, they instill this mindset with their students. Room 202 is alive.


  1. Craig,
    Room 202 sounds like a great place to be!! I have some Room 202 classrooms as's such a great feeling to see the things we talk about in action:) It's also important that we recognize and celebrate those Rooms 202...great post!

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