Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Press Pause - The "R" Factor

(Artwork courtesy of Nicole Roholt, Art Teacher, Weaver Middle School)

Days are hectic, decisions need to be made, time is precious and as we know, difficult to come by. Teachers are working harder, smarter and more creatively than ever before. They continue to grind through each day and deliver quality lessons. Students are constantly evolving in their styles of learning and they crave to have their academic, social and emotional needs met at every turn. The high stakes of school is reaching new levels and our communities want the best from our educational institutions. The bar remains set high.

With all of that in mind and now more than ever, we need to press pause and we need to be exceptional.

Under the direction of Tim and Brian Kight, the two passionate founders of Focus3, our team of administrators and teachers in the Hilliard City Schools are learning the components of culture through an equation they refer to as The R Factor. And most specifically, how our actions, reactions and our behaviors get us the results we strive to achieve in the classroom and in our school community.

In our conversations, we are reminded that EVENTS are a given. Events are those daily interactions, decisions and directions of an individual and an organization. They are going to take place. For each of those events, there will be an OUTCOME. What that outcome will be is completely and entirely determined by one simple act, our RESPONSE to that event. That response will dictate the success and/or failure of our system of teaching and learning and of leading. And our response will define not only us as individuals but also speak to our culture.

E(vents) + R(esponse) = O(utcome)

With all that is on the line, it is imperative that we take a moment and press pause. My challenge to you is to think through a response that has happened recently that has generated an outcome that you either intended (or unintended) to occur and ask yourself, "Had I pressed pause and given greater attention to my response, would my outcome be more aligned to the feelings, beliefs, norms and expectations of my work, my employees and my customers?" That answer alone with determine your next move. This is The R Factor.

Primarily in the business world, their model of building an exceptional culture can be applied into districts and classrooms by having purposeful and spirited conversations and taking intentional steps to get the results your community seeks. I look forward to sharing more about the Kight's work and especially the work they are beginning to share with schools around the nation. Look for more, including your "20 square feet" and of course, always being Above the Line.


  1. This is just what I needed today. We received test results from last year. After reading this, I realize that my reaction to the results can impact the outcome, the outcome for my students. Thanks.

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