Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"Twas The Week Before (Christmas) Break"

To be read as "Twas the Night Before Christmas"...

Twas’ the week before break and all through the school
My colleagues were
teaching and learning and keeping it cool.
They had gathered their students and had lessons in place,
Wanting them to learn and to share at a blistering pace.

The students and teachers all knew break was around the bend, 
Maximizing the minutes and the moments, that was the trend.
Now we know that it’s time to wrap up the grades,
But the teachers were not ready to pull down the shades.

We've talked devices, personalizing and of course blending-learning, 
Soon to continue in January and our minds will be yearning.
Blending makes sense, we add tech to the paper,
We now need a stylus alongside of the stapler.

Personalizing, now that's the latest talk of the town,
The students, the teachers, all smiles, no frowns.
It makes simple sense that we work well together,
To make this experience the best thing forever.

Devices, one-to-one, great stuff from the teachers,
Students quickly jumped in and became the tech preachers.
Plenty to look forward to when it comes to this group,
The year past, present and future, they are quite the troop!

Now Math, Now Science, now Social Studies and Art!
On PE, On Music, On Robotics and Language Arts!
Enjoy your two weeks, this time is for you, 
Happy Holidays to all on behalf of Weaver Middle School!


  1. Quite impressive boss, quite impressive!

  2. Great job, Craig. Now how about writing alongside me for the galleries I produce? I am still accepting digital compositions for Autumn's Palette.