Saturday, December 19, 2015

You've Got This Coach

I enjoy writing. To me it is a tool used to improve my craft. It is reflective and transformational. Knowing that others read, share and grow through what I write has its reward as well. So many of those that I connect with globally use it for the same purposes and in turn yield the same results. Whether sharing with the Compelled Tribe, colleagues within my school or members of my Professional Learning Community, writing results in growth in leadership, in teaching and in learning.

What we write about often ebbs and flows with where we are in our days work. Typically it is something we have observed or been blessed to experience or even at times, accidentally stumble upon.

Recently, I was incredibly blessed to be a part of an amazingly powerful organized moment with those that I work closest with. The students and staff at Weaver Middle School, in Hilliard, OH have been supporting and encouraging a teacher and colleague that was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in August of 2015.

"Coach Jones" as many refer to her by, has spent this fall undergoing chemotherapy treatments each Thursday morning. As soon as the nurses complete the required poking, injecting and prodding, she heads straight into school with an undeniable amount of energy. She is at school every single day of every single week. She doesn't miss a beat, she is there for her students and her colleagues. She is resilient.

In January she courageously enters the next phase of battling this vicious disease. Surgery and ongoing treatments will consume her Winter and face her head on into the Spring. Her energy, her will and her desire to conquer this disease will be her motivator throughout. She is determined.

This past Friday, the day leading into our Winter Break, Jeannette Muzzalupo, the Weaver Middle School Choir Director, along with the support of her colleagues, pulled off a moving performance in Coach Jones honor. This was yet another gesture of compassion to compliment our #JonesStrong bracelets, our Thursday "Pink Outs" and our daily fist-pumps of encouragement. She is passionate.

Listen to the words, hear the voices and embrace the moment.

Throughout the year we try to teach students concepts like selfless giving, generosity and kindness through fundraisers, charitable drives and behavior systems and incentives. However in this case, their lesson came through an opportunity to learn some lyrics, take a few moments away from day-to-day instruction and follow the lead of teacher who was simply doing what any of us would dream of doing. This was a lesson that none of us will forget and one that we are all blessed to be a part. Be strong Coach, you've got this!

As always, please consider donating this holiday season to a cancer society of your choosing. Families for a Cure, an organization that is located in Hilliard, OH, would graciously accept your donation to support children and families in our community and beyond.

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