Thursday, January 16, 2020

Grateful for the Team

What is your favorite quote when it comes to the team work of your school or organization? While there are many, there has to be one that stands out to you.

For me, the team that I am surrounded by continues to show and demonstrate the abilities we have in making a difference in a students life and in a teachers role. It is not just about impacting the learner, it is also about impacting the colleagues we work with each day.

This morning, the leadership team I work with most closely had the opportunity to share out the great things that are happening by the entire staff. The Campus staff are the ones with students each and every moment of every day.

On the Innovation Campus we take great pride in the experience of our students. We emphasize that it is the interactions that our students have with adults, the relationships that are formed and the active learning that takes place that makes all of the difference in our world.

Once we focus on that - the relationships, the lessons and the experience, then all of the pieces and parts come together as one.

The Team is making their difference.

Today, the Leadership Team of Stacy, Scott, Lauren, Trevor and Jennifer had the amazing privilege and opportunity to share out all of the incredible moments that are happening in every aspect of our Campus.

For the work that they do, the time they devote to this Campus, the way in which they share their passion for those around them, I am grateful. We are grateful for the teachers we work with, the team that leads the work, the parents that send us their children to serve, the vision of the district that provides us these opportunities to do what we do and especially the students who come eager and willing to be engaged in this place.

This team. Our team. Whether it is small in numbers or big in size, is what makes the difference in the teaching, learning and leading that we experience each day. I am grateful for all of this, and more.

More gratitude to come...


  1. I am loving your gratitude posts. I feel like these are heading somewhere awesome - big decision, new project maybe. Even if that’s not the case, keep them coming!

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  3. Though this post came before the whole changed, its sentiments have never wrung truer. In fact, highlighting the importance of teamwork in light of the unique that circumstances COVID-19 created for educators is more apparent than ever. Leaders must continue to reach out to their educational teams and rally the calls for collaboration, support, solidarity, and optimism that will help shine a line during these trying times. Cheers and continue the good work!

  4. My favorite quote when it comes to teamwork and motivation is "a team who feels appreciated will always do more than expected". Not sure who it is by, but I always refer to it when leading a team. Appreciation is key! What are ways besides verbal appreciation that we can encourage and thank our teams?

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  8. the opportunity Seoto share out the great things that are happening by the entire staff.