Monday, July 13, 2020

One A Day.

You have to start somewhere. Somehow, some way.

Been gone from this for far too long. Some of my best learning came from writing. Rather, it came from reading. Or was it reflecting? Or was it all 3?

Great educators, great friends, great people entered my world in education (and beyond) through the platform of writing and reading and reflecting. Blogging.

I am not the most prolific writer. My days may not be nearly as exciting as your days. You are probably more well read. You probably write more, share more and therefore learn more. But I am not going to allow that fear of failure stop me from taking another run at this.

I have the time. I have the desire. And, like you, simply want to ready for tomorrow. Whatever that may look like.

So, going to start with a blank page. Not going to overthink it. I am going to just write.

And maybe, very possibly, I will learn more today than I knew yesterday.

I am challenging myself to write One A Day, starting today.


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