Tuesday, July 14, 2020

One A Day, Day 2

Day 2.

Today is another day to learn, grow, lead and listen. Impacting others and taking in knowledge from those that can share their expertise.

I've never thought of my self as an expert in much of anything. If anything. There are a lot of things I think I am good at but nothing I could say I am an expert at.

I think of those that have refined their craft. Athletes, musicians, artists and entertainers. There are definitely educational leaders that I would consider experts in their field. Those that I turn to when we seek guidance and direction and we lean on their knowledge. Rick Wormeli for starters.

In education, I continue to learn in the hopes that over time my ability and desire to constantly get better at what I do can be the difference for someone else. Focusing on being knowledgable in many areas of this field in which I have give of myself hopefully helps others. And in return, helps me.

Are you an expert in something? What is it and how do you define that? I would love to hear your definition and how it applies to your work, your life and your world.

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