Friday, March 14, 2014

Connected - Defining Yourself Digitally

Define yourself digitally. 

Who are you? Who do you want to become?

Being digitally connected is an absolute must as an academic leader in today's schools. The various platforms from which you can connect to your audience grows daily. Administrators and teachers alike are connecting multiple times over each day with their stakeholders through Twitter, Facebook, webpages and a multitude of other resources. 

One has to actually try to be disconnected. Agree?  

You can determine your own digital path. Now, more then ever before, you can mold the shape of your footprint.

Whether or not you are relevant for your perspective, your insight or your intuitiveness is a direct result of the effort you put forward in sharing the knowledge that you posses. You can share this knowledge through a variety of mediums. What was once a face-to-face opportunity has become global exponentially.

Either as the teacher, or the student, you have the ability to control your identity and your message.

How will you create your digital footprint and will you control your message? 

Your interactions with others, either by device or in person, will set that answer in motion.

We need to remind ourselves that we control who we become digitally. We are constantly making our footprints one step at a time.

We are becoming more connected each day. 

Define it. 

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