Friday, March 7, 2014

Life, Death and Why We Are Here

Sometimes you don't have to search very far for something to write about. This one came pretty simply and rather emotionally this evening. It serves as a reminder of why we chose to be educators and how we continue to embrace and appreciate our positions, our opportunities. We have many reasons to be proud of our teachers and our students.  This is another. A powerful moment for our parents, our coaches and our kids.

These young student-athletes have made a difference that they will only fully understand as they grow themselves.

Well done Wildcats. Well done...

(This message was sent this evening to my middle school staff as the girls were playing.)

Subject: What some of our students are doing tonight...

Staff - 

Just thought I would pass this along.  Earlier this week Stephanie was asked to take our 8th grade girls softball team out to the Woody Hayes facility at Ohio State.  Since she hasn't even had tryouts yet, she put together a team from last year and they all met a couple hours ago off of Lane Ave.

Here is the "why"... A dad from Jones (Upper Arlington) is terminally ill and the doctors have said his time has come. Since the regular season is still a few weeks away, and he wanted to see his daughter take the field one last time, they arranged the facility and asked our kids to be the opponent.

Be proud of the role you play in the lives of our students. Whether it is an academic experience or an activity such as this, we all make an impact on the people they become. You each do your own part, one moment, one experience at a time.

May you enjoy your weekend and all you have planned...


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