Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's not easy, wasn't meant to be.

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Watching students grow in their academic journey is why I got into this business of education. Seeing teachers deliver quality instruction is part of my motivation to stay . In a world of ever evolving requirements placed on the shoulders of educators, I am mesmerized by the dedication that our teachers and administrators have during this transition in academia.  I am in awe of the leadership I see in the classrooms by teachers and in the offices of our school buildings by principals.

The role of the building administrator has changed.  What was once a role of managing and operating has morphed into an instruction based position. This change is for the good however the hours in the day are never enough. They have the responsibility to bring best practices to the forefront of every classroom and provide every teacher with the resources they need to be successful. With the implementation of new evaluation tools, walkthroughs, district initiatives, federal mandates and specific building needs, Instructional Leaders are pulled in more directions than ever before. They do so with a style that is unique to the needs of their staff and their community. Providing what's best is a priority. 

What we ask of our teachers any given year is simply amazing. They are handed a class schedule, a roster of students and simply told, teach. And, if you are fortunate enough, they do it with passion, perseverance and appreciation. They teach knowing that in a little over 160 school days there jobs will be critiqued by the performance of their students on a test they had very little to do with creating. Teachers are leaders. They change their content, they change their delivery based on research of best practices and they evolve into the teachers their students need them to be. Teachers educate themselves while they educate their students. They learn about implementing technology into instruction, they discuss grading practices and assessments and they meet and collaborate to be better. 

Both continue to lead by example. Teachers and administrators continue to teach with passion and both continue to lead by inspiring their communities of learners. Neither rests. 

As I connect with educators within my district and through my Professional Learning Network (PLN) I am often reminded of how we are always being evaluated as educators. Which becomes a constant reminder that the decisions we make, as teachers and administrators, do matter. And the example we set is measured, whether intended or not. 

Continue to fight the good fight. Be the awesome example you are. Our jobs don't get easier but we keep getting better!

To teach. To lead. To be an example. 


  1. Great post! Very inspirational! I left administration (after a six year journey of being a middle school principal) to return to the classroom and am loving the challenges that come my way. Recently, there are times when my frustration peaked, and I have begun to question if I was still passionate about teaching. Yet, your post and especially your last paragraph "Continue to fight the good fight. Be the awesome example you are. Our jobs don't get easier but we keep getting better!" recharged me and fueled me to realize that my frustration is really just an opportunity to get better!


  2. Ariel -
    Thank you for the feedback! I am glad that you have re-charged and are back in the game. We have some pretty awesome jobs and have amazing responsibilities. Middle level kids have some of the hardest years of their lives. People like you are what will make the difference in the end. Keep up the great work and continue to find your inspiration all around you!