Friday, April 11, 2014

The Next Great Idea?

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There are never enough ideas.

Some of the greatest ideas took time and convincing to become embedded into every day life. With ideas come opportunities. We get better. Change occurs. Improvements happen.

That is the purpose of an idea. To force change so that we look at something in a different light.

What is simply an idea today can become the spirit behind an entire nations future. Ideas sent a man to the moon, created new energy resources and cured illness that once were incurable. 

As we look into the eyes of our students ask yourself if that child will have the next great idea? There was a teacher that stood in front of each of us that often asked that simple question.

In the end it will be the thoughts and ideas of today's youth that will determine our own existence and our own direction. As educators we get to mold, shape and influence where those ideas go.

That is awesome. That is powerful. That is responsible.

Listen to the ideas of those around you both young and old and remember that in order for success to happen in life someone had to think it, believe in it and share it.

Who knows, maybe you will have the next great idea.

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