Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Are You An Extreme Leader?

When you walk into your building each morning, regardless of your role, do you consider yourself an "Extreme Leader"? Listening to Steve Farber this morning at the Innovative Learning Environments Conference in Hilliard, OH, gives me serious considerations to how I will lead my staff as we open our doors to students two weeks from this Thursday.

I have read two of his books this summer, both Radical Leap Re-Energized and Greater Than Yourself, and find myself looking at how I engage my staff and students and am motivated to engage them in a way that will be rewarding for all.

Mr. Farber bases the framework for being an extreme leader around a simple word with great depth and an even more intricate explanation: L.E.A.P. Throughout this mornings conversation we have discovered not only the words behind the letters, but more importantly how to put them into practice.

cultivate Love
Love for your yourself, your team, your goals and the process. Have passion. 

generate Energy
Positive Energy for your mind, body and soul. It's contagious.

inspire Audacity
Audacity is courageous. Stand up for what you believe. Make sacrifices. Be able to fail and try again. Change the world to be better. The OS!M

provide Proof
Actions are Proof and louder than words. Provide it by living and performing in a way that is full of Love, Energy and Audacity. Live it. DWYSYWD

As you are getting back into your routines, your school, your passions, consider your Love, Energy, Audacity and Proof in what you do. Find your OS!M and remember that you can change the world through the love that you have for your profession.

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