Friday, August 22, 2014

Time to Change the World

Concluding the first week of school I find myself reflecting on all that has been accomplished in such a short period of time, 4 days to be exact. Think about it, we just went from full summer mode of sleeping in and lazy days, to having hundreds, in my case 903 7th and 8th graders, back within the school in front of teachers and with their classmates as they begin the academic journey of a lifetime.

Already we have:
  • Created the foundational climate for the year.
  • Established academic expectations that will take us through the next many months.
  • Fostered relationships with colleagues to support our instruction.
  • Introduced complete strangers to each other and encouraged them to become more than classmates, to become friends.
  • Introduced content that is as foreign to them as the day is new.
  • Brought technology into their experience of learning that is beyond being "social".
  • Tossed all of these students, and teachers, into one building and asked them to be "one" and to get along, "play nice" and learn from each other.
And with that, all of these listed and many more, we have created a new year. Whether with our teachers, our parents and most importantly our students, we have the start of something great, something awesome, something inspiring.

I was told to dream this year. I was told to encourage others to do the same. My role and responsibility is to empower others to take risks that would be for uncomfortable, yet rewarding. I will do just that. I will guide, support and listen.

This first week I have been moved by what I have seen. I see an audacious approach to the year ahead. There is conviction, there is determination. Teachers are walking with passion in their step. The students can already see it. We can already feel it. This is our year. This is only the first week of school. There is amazement everywhere. Can you see it where you are? I can. Therefore I can say with conviction, after these first four days, we are ready to change the world.