Friday, December 5, 2014

If You Inspire Others, Who Inspires You?

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You are an inspiration to many in the field of education. Others look up to you. Your colleagues are always learning from the knowledge you bring to the table. Students and parents are listening to the message of your class or school and anticipate the next opportunity to grow.

Simply stated, you inspire others.

So, who inspires you?

For me, there is a simple answer. I turn to those that are reading this blog, or my twitter feed, or attending our professional conversations at school or those that sit down in the chair across from me and take the time to talk, and listen. Many times those conversations, in person or online, is just what I need to be better at what I do. For many of you it is these same platforms that motivate you each day.

Human instinct, and being humble, will keep most of us from recognizing that we are in fact, inspirational. As I think through what each of you offer me in my growth as a leader, here are the commonalities:

  • You challenge me. It works because I am open to the conversation. Don't challenge someone or something just because of your personal and/or professional beliefs but look at the situation holistically and through the eyes of a child and the lens of the organization. 
  • You are a problem solver. If you bring me a problem, bring me some possible solutions. From there, we can process and determine the best course of action. I appreciate those that want to make the system better.
  • You are critical. Share your constructive criticism, commonly known as "feedback". This is much different than complaining. Feedback offers direction, complaining just weighs down the progress. Ask questions, accepting answers is a part of the process.
  • You have an open mind. You are only as strong as those we are surrounded by. Turning to teachers, parents and the students is critical to our success. Many times it is the youngest minds that give me the most inspiration to be better.
  • You are a leader. Regardless of your title we each have the capacity to lead. Look at your role and find a way to offer your insight and your passion. You don't need a "title" to be a leader you just need to have the desire to make a difference.

I appreciate those that I work with, and those that I connect with, that offer me the inspiration I need each day to lead. I am better for my students and my teachers and my community because of what you have taught me.

With that, continue to inspire others. You are amazing at it.


  1. Thank you for your thoughts...I too feel that others inspire me all the time. I see what others are doing on Twitter and in my PLN and it inspires me to do more. Thank you for being my inspiration.

    1. Keep up the great work Melissa! Our growth is evident each day. Inspiration is a two-way street. Always on the go! Thank you for pushing me (in a great way) too!

  2. I love this, Craig. Thanks for sharing. Much of your list is the same as mine. I think I would add folks who are truly empathetic. The people who are self-less and are able to truly give of themselves but also know how to take care of themselves as well.

    1. Completely agree. Taking care of others is our nature. Taking care of ourselves is critical. Dare I add it to the list as an addendum?

  3. Great post! There are so many sources of inspiration around us that we can take advantage of. I am thankful for #compelledtribe and my PLN. These connections help us do what is best for kids.

    Allie Bond

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