Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Taking Inventory

Find the time, make the effort. We are writers. We blog, so therefore we reflect. It is our nature.

The time has come, where I reside, winter break is near. With that, I begin the process of taking inventory.

Time to check the pulse and see how deep I have dove this year. Time to measure what has been accomplished, or not. I recognize that in order to move forward I have to know where I have been. I believe that my future is only as good as the path that I have walked in my past. It is soon time to set the course, again.

Being an educator, a middle level Principal, I am grateful for the people I have been surrounded by, the lessons I have been taught and the encounters that have influenced me. My environment is part of who I am.

With that, I am taking inventory. So far this year I have:

Explored new paths to solve old problems.
Embraced change.
Inspired others.
Failed, and persevered.
Empowered colleagues. Fostered leaders.
Became the student.
Made, owned and learned from mistakes.
Built relationships.
Laughed. And cried.

And, there will be another list in a few short weeks reminding me of the work yet to be done. As educators we are never done. We continue to extend our learning beyond the confines of our walls, the hours of the day or the positions that we hold. I am committed to being the servant leader I am supposed to be.

Take inventory of your year thus far. As we start a new year, either pick up where you left off or be ready to lead like never before.