Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Don't Make Resolutions, Make Promises.

Everyone makes resolutions. And, almost everyone breaks them within months, if not weeks.

Promises on the other hand, can not be broken. You have said "promise" many times over to family, friends and colleagues and each time you have followed through on what it is you have stated you would do. Promises happen.

As you reflect on the year closing out and are thinking about the New Year approaching, consider what lies ahead and what it is you want to accomplish personally and professionally.

Once you have that initial list, dwindle it down. Not that you can't achieve all that's there but let's keep it practical. And, even though we are over-achievers by nature let's model what we share with our students. 

Now that you have that list, put a time frame to it. This ensures that you can't let a date on the calendar come and go without reacting to what it is you have promised to accomplish.

For me, reflecting through blogging will stay at the top of my "promise list" as will remaining committed to the #Compelledtribe. From there, I will promise to grow professionally through my interactions with others both in the building, the district and the online PLN that I have so passionately found to rely on for my daily dose of energy. Yes, I will continue to tweet, and "chat". 

I also promise to learn new ways to connect, reflect and be better at what I do. Voxer needs to happen. Therefore, it will.

And finally, I promise to keep balance in my life with my family and my work. I am only as good as the relationship that exists between both. 

Best wishes on your list of promises. Keep them simple yet purposeful and make them so that they can be supportive of the growth you are hoping to achieve. 

Happy New Year!


  1. Well said, Craig, especially "I am only as good as the relationship that exists between both." My husband is waiting to watch a movie with me and I have to finish a PD workshop prep so balance it is.

  2. It takes commitment to keep promises and many people lack commitment. If we all work on this then it becomes very doable.

    I also especially love your visual ... "Don't make any promises you don't intend to keep."