Sunday, May 10, 2015

"June, July and August"

If playing the game Jeopardy, a question by the non-teaching community might be: "What is the best part of being a teacher?" Their answer, "June, July and August".

The reality is, as we educators know, that this is the farthest from the truth. In fact, if you are like me, you have over 180 days worth of examples of why you became a teacher and a list of reasons of why the summer months can be counter-productive to what we are trying to accomplish during the school year.

Regardless, those three months are a part of our profession. And yes, we do not have students in front of us during those days. However, for many educators like myself, the learning continues all twelve months of the year. The seasons change and the days may look different but the learning continues.

While children are out and enjoying these months, I will continue my passion for teaching and learning without skipping a beat. Why? Well, that is what I, and many of you, do.

In June of this summer, a colleague of mine (@JackiPrati) and I are going to offer support to teachers wanting to learn more about the power of Twitter, chats on Twitter and how blogging can support their work and assist with reflection of their teaching. We will do this during our school districts month-long of Professional Development through Summer Academy. Yes, you read that correct, our district offers teachers weeks of learning by offering courses presented by educators for educators almost the entire month of June.

Also during the month of June I will gather with middle-level educators from across the state of Ohio as we have our summer retreat for the members of the Board for the Ohio Middle Level Association. OMLA provides professional development throughout the year and it is highlighted by our state conference. This year Ohio hosts the Association of Middle Level Educators (AMLE) conference right in downtown Columbus.

In July I take my learning on the road. I have already selected a few great reads to enjoy as I travel to see family and friends. I am going to continue reading the work of Jon Gordon and his take on life. And while I am at it, a book or two on being effective leader. I practice what I preach, there is always room for growth. The month of July will be my personalized Professional Development.

In August, I hit the ground running. A three-day conference, the Innovative Learning Conference on August 5-7th, is right in my own backyard. We welcome in Kevin Carroll and Dave Burgess. Talk about a kick-start to the school year. (And, all are welcome.) That week wraps up with EdCampILECbus hosted by myself and Jacki. To plan and deliver an event such as this is quite the professional charge. Once again, please join us!

With students returning later that month, the first few weeks of August will be invigorating. Setting the tone for the year ahead. Welcoming in a new Assistant Principal, preparing for a new group of students and their parents and working with our returning students to develop leaders right out of the gate is an awesome time of the year. Not to mention handing out over 850 iPads to each student.

As I think ahead to the summer that awaits, I am already charged up for the great things that await me.

Think about it. "June, July and August". What are you going to do with your "time-off" this summer? My guess, if you are anything like most of the educators I know, you will continue your learning from beginning to end.


  1. Kevin Carroll & Dave Burgess?! Awesome! I know you've probably got a lot of work to do, but it sounds fun!

  2. Wow you have a lot of exciting things lined up for your June, July, and August! The summer is definitely a continuation of the learning journey, just at a different pace. Make it a good one!

  3. Your summer sounds awesome! This post has inspired me to put plans to print. Will do. Stay tuned. (I've got kids here until end of June so just July and August for me to write about).