Wednesday, May 6, 2015

They Did it Again

It's late in the school year. Content to cover is nearing its end, lessons are winding down.

Celebrations of a successful school year are being planned. End-of-the-year parties are taking form. Students are eager for summer. Teachers are not far behind.

And then, without missing a beat, my teachers, well, they did it again.

Just when I thought that every amazing moment had been captured for this school year, I stepped into classrooms throughout this week and witnessed ongoing opportunities for kids to extend their learning through a teachers passion of instruction. There it was. The affirmation that is never out of arms reach and always welcomed at every turn. The learning is powerful.

The reality is, the learning never stops. Teaching never takes a break. The school year may be winding down but our teachers are not.

This week I have witnessed teachers giving of themselves as if it were the first weeks of school and not the last. The countdown has not begun. There is too much to accomplish.

Just this week, Teacher Appreciation Week, I observed math lessons that encourage students to collaborate and be creative in their method of learning probability. There were the in-depth conversations within Language Arts classes that dissected literature and allow for authentic feedback. Science classes are beginning their exploration of gravity, inertia and energy through hands-on building of contraptions. And, just last evening after a month of preparation, over 50 of our students put together a Variety Show full of singing, dancing, skits of comedy and interactive performances.

Teaching is a gift. Watching my teachers this school year deliver the types of lessons they are is invigorating and inspiring. The passion they bring is contagious. My teachers, hopefully like yours, are giving of themselves every moment of every day until the last day.

I am taking the extra time this week to give them additional thanks for all that they do for our students and our community. I never take your talents for granted and am grateful I am allowed to work with you each day.


  1. And, don't forget about the school garden developing! Just yesterday my students planted 13 different vegetables/fruits during 4th period! They loved every minute of being a part of something like that!

  2. Thank you for the energy, passion, encouragement, and leadership this year. What a year it has been! We truly are.....
    (And by the way, Laura, one of my students was very excited about planting in the garden today. And Shannon, we are LOVING the art!) ;)