Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Learner Myself

I must admit, it was painful at times.

However, I dug deep, fought through adversity and accomplished what was once thought to be an unthinkable task.

So here you have it, a new webpage.  For those who are tech-savvy, I am envious.  For those who are more on par with me, a novice, those who have to teach yourself as you go, I will enjoy this moment and please enjoy it with me.

"Thank you" to my internet friends, my PLN, and to those of you are my inspiration to get better!  I scoured your pages, read your tweets and watched the countless videos just to make some simple additions to my page.  You do great work!

We tell our students that in order to succeed we must fail.  We use countless examples over the course of time.  I have shown my vulnerability as an example to my teachers and my students.  I am no Jordan or Disney but I have succeeded out of failure.

As you navigate through this site, I will admit that there is much more work to be done. Pages to clean up, links to add and most certainly some quality writing to share.  It is my work in progress.

Offer feedback, share your thoughts and I will pledge to learn each day!

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