Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fueling Education

My dad often told me - everything is in a name. He made decisions in life based around the name, and the product that was behind it. When heading to the store I often knew before picking anything up off the shelves that he would look for the name first, price second. A name means everything.

As I have been reflecting on my work it hit me. My name. It identifies me. It says who I am. It speaks to what I believe in.  My family owns it.  My children say it with pride. Our names are more than just a letters combined, it is our journey in life from beginning to end. We place it on the birth announcement and it is etched on our grave site.

As I continue down this path in education I am fueled by my passion for teaching, learning and reaching new goals. Not only will I focus on my name and how it inspires me but I will also gain new focus on the names that I am surrounded by. Remember, it's all in the name!

What's in your name?

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