Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Author - Finding my Direction

In my wildest of dreams I never thought of myself as a writer or an author.  I'm not there yet, not even close, but I often wonder what it would take to earn that title - Author.  (The published version, of course.)  Let me be perfectly clear, I envy those that have written the books based on hours of research and experiences. I sit on the edge of my chair listening to those that spread the word of their work of which I have read.  I admire the passion from which professionals share their thoughts through video chats, conferences and conversations.  And with that, on more than one occasion,  I have pictured myself being one of "those people".

Therefore, published or not, I will post my experiences in the the intention of being better today than I was yesterday.  That is a goal we can all achieve. Then, maybe someday, I will become just good enough that my work will get me that distinguished honor.

My takeaways, my givens, my direction.  A list in progress.

There are always areas to improve.
Focus on your strengths.  
Accept you have weaknesses.
Decide who want to be as a leader.
Keep in mind you are always a teacher.
Learning is life-long.  
Every moment is a teachable moment.
Collaboration is a necessity.
Inspire. Embrace. Empower.

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