Monday, February 3, 2014

Beat the Clock!

We all have them.  We can't avoid them and we know there will be more.  

Long Days.

Regardless, the drive that we posses as educators is what takes us back to the school building each morning.

As you think of your week ahead and all that falls within that "long day", I challenge you to write down some highlights that you experience.  

Do the following:

When you walk into your classroom or your office grab an index card, a piece of paper or open a note on your computer.  Next, create a couple of categories of people that you know you will interact with during the day.  For example: students, colleagues, classroom teachers or assistants, secretaries and custodians and of course, parents.

From there, without much thought or effort, go about your day.  Get into the chaos and the grind that consumes you from the first bell to beyond the last. Along the way make some mental notes of your experiences but don't over think it and don't try to find it.

When the day is over head back to your office or classroom and take 2 minutes to write down one or two interactions, or moments, or observations, preferably positive, that you experienced in each of those categories.

Leave the note there.  Come back the next day, repeat.

I challenge you to do this for a few days or even a couple of weeks.  Watch your list grow.  At most it will take you 15 minutes for an entire week of interactions in which a difference was made.

Over time you will stop writing them down and it will become a routine.

The meaning of the activity is simple.  The next time you are having a long day, grab that list. Write some things down.  Repeat.


  1. I shall try this tomorrow, Boss! Thanks!

  2. Thanks Laura. Your willingness to stretch your comfort zone is appreciated!