Thursday, February 13, 2014

Twitter Chat - Breaking Barriers

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Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a first of its kind for our school district.  Some of us Twitter hungry administrators and teachers decided to attempt our first (of what we hope will become a series of) twitter chats. 


The intent was simple: exposure to the vast opportunities of twitter and conversation with a PLN (Professional Learning Network). The well versed invite the novice. Break down the fear, engage the hesitant. Demonstrate the simplicity and take away the barriers.  And what better way to start than to ask the one question we are all asked:

Why education?  Most answers fell into one of four categories: 

To Guide:

The Legacy: 
Ones Destiny:
The Future:

Where do you see yourself?  Think back to your experiences as you entered into your career path and selected education.  My guess is you, like the responses above, had a direction from the beginning. This was the start of an inspiring chat!

At the conclusion of the chat the moderators, plus a few, had a side bar.  We went old school and took to email to further the conversation and assess the success of the night. Our takeaway, and based on the immediate feedback from those that participated, we had hit the mark.  We know though that we are far from creating a trend and the true measure will be the attendance of week two. Our intention is to invite more, increase our numbers and hope that even more people join us globally.  If you are available, and want to be a part of our grass-roots district twitter chat, please join us on Tuesday nights at 8:30PM EST. 


From the experts to the novice, we welcome your experiences, your perspective and your desire to make us better!

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