Friday, February 7, 2014

March in the Parade

Today begins 18 days of competitive athletics in Sochi, Russia. The Olympics and all of its pageantry begins. 

And, for the next 18 days, Olympic dreams will come true and dreams will be shattered.  Years of sweat and tears will result in either a trip to the medal stand or possibly a disappointed trip home.  

For many athletes across the world, however, their dreams were fulfilled the day they made their nations team. Just competing is an accomplishment all by itself. And for that, they are rightfully proud.

(Videos courtesy of NBC Olympics)

As I make the connection of the Olympics to my work, I am drawn into the dreams behind the eyes of my students.  Will my students dreams be reached? Will the hours of work pay off? Will injury or hardship impede their success?

How we measure success is often by the medals that are placed upon us and the ribbons handed out at the end of the competition.  

Watching the Opening Ceremonies and the athletes that march in behind their countries flag, I would like to think that dreams have been reached even without the medal placed around them.  Success is measured in a variety of ways. 

Celebrate, and acknowledge, those that "march in the parade". Celebrate, like the athletes in the video, as they discover who they want to be.  

When did we each know what we wanted to be?  When we work with our students, when do they know?  We are the ones that will help them reach their dreams and help them make it to the parade and possibly take the podium.

(Videos courtesy of NBC Olympics)

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