Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Be an Agent

The opportunities are limitless.  As an educator you can make a difference in the lives of people each and every day.  As you go through your day the number of interactions you have with others is unimaginable. Each and every moment of every day you have the ability to influence the mind and spirit of another and that is at your fingertips.  

As you begin each day are you reminded of the awesomeness of your position? Whether as a teacher of young students, an administrator of teachers or a combination of both, do you fully realize your potential as a change agent? 

Simply stated a change agent are people who act as catalysts for change.

Making your way through your day is much more than a task.  It is a gift to make a difference in the life of another person that is yearning for direction and knowledge.  We've each been tasked to make an impact that will better our environments.  As educators we should be aware of our passion for allowing others to fail and succeed and then fail again in the hopes of being greater each time.

Watching the people with whom you work, the change agents they are, are you as mesmerized by their talent, by their ability to get others to buy into their beliefs, their passion and their direction, as I am?

Each day there are events, happenings and occasions that make us take a moment to reflect.  Being the person that has the opportunity to make that change comes with a feeling of accomplishment.  Having a collective effort as an organization only makes those occasions that much more rewarding.

Go be catalyst of change. Use your talents. You have plenty of them!  

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