Saturday, May 10, 2014

For You Mom, on Mother's Day...

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When we have fallen, they have picked us up. When we are unsure, they are there to listen. They help us learn. They encourage us. At our darkest moments they are the brightest light. When we are at a tipping point they can often help us get to one side, the right side.

In my journey throughout life I have been fortunate to have a constant support system in my world. I feel for those that do not have that good fortune or when that constant is not present. And that, I wish I could control. I can try and provide that for someone else.

The other day Kevin Durant of the NBA gave one of the most heartfelt speeches as he was awarded the Most Valuable Player Award for the league. Not a huge NBA fan I typically would not have been drawn in by a game, let alone this moment in their season. However it was what he shared as he stood at that podium that was so moving.

After the obvious team thank you's he moved on to thanking the constant in his life. It was genuine, it was raw, it was from the heart. He said, among other things, "We weren't supposed to be here, you made us believe."  Through his words and the emotions within those words he expressed his appreciation for many things. He knows, and therefore he articulated, that it was this constant in his life that drove him to the success he was being recognized for on that day and in that moment.

So here I am today. I am fortunate. I am blessed. For it is that constant, my own mother, that has catapulted me to where I am now. The constant in my life deserves the credit. That constant is appreciated and never taken for granted.

Being supportive, being encouraging and challenging me to be the best person I could be (and therefore become) is how I remember my years under the care of my constant. 

My speech would be filled with emotion as well. From standing behind my podium I would praise and appreciate you. I am the person, the father, the educator and the son that I am from you being the constant in my life.

Happy Mother's Day mom, my constant, my MVP. And to all the moms that continue to expect the most of their children, the same to you. Be constant in your child's life regardless of the roof they are under, how old they are or where they are in their journey. We need you. 

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