Friday, May 16, 2014

No Regrets - Lessons Learned

In a matter of days, possibly a few weeks, a group of students that you will have spent over 180 days with will walk out of your classroom and on to the next chapter in their lives. For each of those days that your worked with them, there are hours in which you made an impression that can never be undone.  And, within those hours, there are minutes that you shared your passion for teaching with the hopes that your students would take away those lessons and apply them to their future life experiences.

No Regrets. Lessons Learned.

Whether you have taught the basics of learning words and spelling ones name or worked with those preparing to move their tassel from the right to the left, the mark that you have left will carry on for years to come. What you have accomplished this year is simple in nature but magnificently impressive in another. You have spent an entire school year giving to your students the knowledge that they will need for the rest of their lives.

No Regrets. Lessons Learned

The colleagues that you have spent countless hours preparing, planning, delivering, and reflecting on your lessons with will soon become silent by the summer months. The laughs you have shared in the lunchroom or the tears you have shared after school will soon be replaced by the barren halls and packed up offices.You have formed relationships with adults that no other profession can imagine to come close to understanding. You are their for each other.

No Regrets. Lessons Learned.

Continue your journey of teaching and learning. Set yourself a course for growth in the coming days. Determine what your passion will be as you already envision the next class of students awaiting that very knowledge that you hold tight to your chest. Reflect on who you have been and discover who you will become. 

Enjoy the final weeks of what you have given of yourself. It is impressive to say the least.

And above all else, No Regrets, Lessons Learned.

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  1. Craig,
    I'm enjoying wandering through your blog today. Ah summer, the gift of time to read, learn, reflect, and plan. I enjoyed your thinking here…."No regrets. Lessons learned." We can't go back to relive amazing moments or to fix things, we can only move forward. This is the perfect time of year to reflect on what we have learned and determine what we will carry forward.

    Thanks for sharing,