Monday, January 5, 2015

It Starts Today.

After a couple of weeks off, students are going to be walking our halls and be in our classrooms with eagerness and excitement. Yes, they missed school no matter what it may look like on the surface.

Now that we have started the second half of our school year, let's make sure it is the best it possibly can be. No regrets, bring the passion, teach and lead like never before.

Recently I was asked to reflect on why I got into this business of teaching to begin with. For you, like many of us, there is the answer that we have used countless times in conversations. However, as my career has evolved, I begin to think that my answer to that simple question has evolved too.

With that in mind, and as I awoke this morning, I was already thinking about what the week and this semester would bring. There are meetings each day, classrooms to visit, events to attend and other countless principal-like activities that are going to occur. I will stop by the lunchroom, council parents, support teachers and encourage great teaching. That is what I do. 

Now what? How will this semester be different from the last one and the ones before that?

Well, time to get out the door and begin to answer those questions. I hope it will be an amazing second half to the school year. It won't just happen though. I will do as I ask of others. I will model what I expect and I will ensure that my students and my teachers have an experience like no other. It will be all of the reasons I got into this profession to begin with and it will be with all of the effort that I give. The experience will be what I chose to make it. It is up to me, it is up to you.

So therefore, my charge to you, find your reasons, all of them, and do the same. Be the difference maker. It starts today.