Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Who Do You Follow?

(courtesy snowbrains.com)

Almost one year ago I wrote one of my first posts. (Blogging, Why Bother?That was the start of my journey of using writing as a reflection to my work. To this day, and over 100 posts later, I am still writing and better for it.

Now, many months later, there is a new question that I am asking myself: Who Do I Follow?

Twitter has become an amazingly powerful tool when searching for growth in the professional world. It has become a part of my routine, like blogging, in an attempt to gain insight into what others are doing in their respective environments. Twitter has opened doors, created new friendships, fostered old ones and connected me to new ideas. It has brought me a sense of direction.

So I ask: Who Do You Follow?

Many evenings I scroll through my twitter feed and often find myself lost in the intellect of others. It is extremely impressive. For me, reading posts is my attempt at striving to be a better leader myself. It is imperative that I discover who I am, how I lead and how I can be better at it. What people share is a part of this process.

So, again, I ask: Who Do You Follow?

I do know that those that I follow are comprised from all levels of education and from the business world. They are teachers, students, parents, community members, district level personnel and beyond. They each have their own perspective, their own beliefs and their own reasons for being involved with Twitter and sharing what they do.

My answer? The people I follow are people like you. I follow those that inspire me each day. I follow those that challenge me and encourage me. I follow people that are passionate in their teaching and their learning. I follow educators, and alike, that listen and share and provide feedback to my work. I follow those who bring a perspective that I may not have considered. I follow those that have a desire to grow, learn and lead in what they do.

Who Do You Follow? It will be a lesson all in itself.


  1. I follow people like YOU! You're one of those people you describe above: passionate about learning and able to listen and share. AWESOME! What you have helped build with #compelledtribe is proof of that.