Saturday, December 21, 2013

Embrace the Break!

For the past few months we have all been burning at both ends working with our staffs, our students and our communities in the hopes of having the greatest success possible.

Our teachers have given countless hours to their planning.  They have worked through the first round of observations and have answered the call of their school district and its community to provide an outstanding academic experience from August to December.

Parents and the community have stood by their schools and participated in countless learning and social opportunities.  Friday night football was their passion as was being a part of back to school activities, parent-teacher conferences and hours of support for their students as learning was extended into the homes each night.

And our students, who for the most part, took away more knowledge through the use of more resources than ever before.  They fought through the fears of the system, embraced their teachers and the work they placed in front of them and were inspired along the way.  My students, your students, had experiences like never before.  The implementation of technology embedded even further into their learning is happening at a record setting pace.

And for the administration, they (we) too have given of themselves at a time when the world of education is expanding faster than we can get our arms around.  The use of the Internet, the countless ways to incorporate its river of resources and the pure passion that we bring to the buildings is breathtaking.

So as you begin your winter break, embrace it.  Focus on what matters most.  Clear your plate and prepare your mind for a second semester of greatness.  It is those students, your staff and your community that helped you to this point today.  We owe it to them to come back better than ever.

Happy Holidays everyone, we are blessed.

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